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How do I register my child?

You may register and pay online by clicking here.

What are your fees, payment and camper form due dates?

For a full list of camp sessions and fees, please see our Rates & Dates page. For sessions in June, all forms and the balance are due by June 1. For sessions in July, all forms and the balance are due by July 1.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable unless your camper’s application to participate in camp is declined by New Frontiers due to space limitations or other reasons. If your child is accepted and you cancel your child’s registration: More than 30 days before the registered session, you will receive a full refund (excluding the deposit). Less than 30 days but more than 8 days before the registered session, you will be refunded half of the balance (excluding the deposit). Less than 7 days before the registered session, no refunds will be given. Homesickness and dismissal from camp for unacceptable behavior are not grounds for refund.

What payment methods do you accept?

Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

What forms do I need to complete?

Once you register your child, you will be able to download the release form packet. Bring that packet filled out with you on the first day of camp!

What should my child bring to New Frontiers?

You can find the packing list here. We highly recommend you pay close attention to this list for the safety and comfort of your camper.

What should my child NOT bring to New Frontiers?

New Frontiers’ goal is to provide a safe environment that allows our campers to focus on building relationships with God and others. Therefore, please do not send any of the following items with your camper: Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or similar, knives & weapons of any kind, clothes with negative messages or suggestive attire (halter tops, short shorts, bikinis/speedos), radios, iPods, MP3 players, watches, iPads, tablets or other electronics.

How can I contact my child during the program?

While cell phones are allowed for camera use; talk, text and use for communication is limited. Due to the immersive nature of our program, we suggest you encourage your child to experience the program without outside distractions. In the case of an emergency, please call the main office at (615) 536-5623 and we will connect you with your child as soon as possible. If you would like to send your child mail during their camp session, please use the following methods: Email: Subject: Attn. [Camper’s Name] or Snail Mail: New Frontiers, Attn: [Camper’s Name], 3939 Old Snow Hill Rd, Dowelltown, TN 37059.

Will my camper need any spending money?

The Canteen will be open every day for campers to purchase NF “swag,” candy and drinks. Your camper is able to purchase items from the Canteen with either cash or the money that you put into his/her Canteen account. By using a Canteen account, your camper will not have to keep up with cash during the camp. The easiest way to put money into your camper’s account is by sending a check/cash along with your camper’s paperwork. You may also put money into your camper’s account on the first day of camp during check in, but this tends to slow the process down. Typically, parents put $20-100 in their camper’s Canteen account, depending on the length of stay and what they intend to purchase. Sample pricing is as follows: Short-sleeve t-shirt: $10, Hoodie: $20, NF Sticker: $1, Candy (Snickers, Skittles, etc.): $1, Drinks (Coke, Gatorade, etc.): $1

At the end of the session, you will have the option to get the remaining money out of your child’s account. If left in the account, the remainder will be donated to New Frontiers.

How do you handle food allergies?

Information regarding food allergies should be included on the registration and Participant Agreement forms. Our kitchen staff work hard to accommodate for food allergies, but ultimately can not guarantee the absence of trace amounts of allergens. In the case of severe food allergies, such as peanuts or gluten, please provide substitute food or ingredients; in that case storage and refrigeration will be provided. Campers should also accept responsibility to adhering to their specific diets.

What happens when it rains?

While at New Frontiers, campers have the opportunity to spend the majority of their time enjoying nature. While most days on our 150-acre campus are sunny and beautiful, we are often blessed with rain, in which case the schedule proceeds as usual. This means that on rainy days, campers may get wet or muddy. In the event of severe weather, the staff will follow NF protocol to ensure the care and safety of campers.

What if my camper needs to take vitamins or medications while at camp?

If your camper has prescription medications that he/she needs to take while at camp, they will be collected at check in and distributed per your instructions. We have the normal over-the-counter medications (Aspirin, Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, etc.) to give to your camper if needed. All medications are stored in a locked location. You will receive a Medications Form in your Info Packet once your registration is received.  Please return the Medications Form with your other paperwork.

May I bring my camper early or have her stay late?

Please do not plan to have your camper arrive early or stay late. Due to pre-session meetings, staff time-off and work assignments, we are not prepared to give the needed attention to early or late arrivals. A late fee of $50 will be charged for any camper collected excessively late, unless prior arrangements have been made.

What is your religious emphasis and affiliation?

While staff are fully trained in the operation of our adventure courses and activities the campers are involved in, our main goal is to guide our campers to an encounter with God. We tie all activities to a Biblical theme and to the camper’s spiritual walk. New Frontiers is non-denominational, and therefore not affiliated with a particular denomination; the Apostles’ Creed forms the foundation of our statement of faith.

Will my camper participate in every Adventure Component at New Frontiers?

New Frontiers has so much to offer that it would take weeks to experience everything! While they won’t experience every Component we offer in a single session, each session (excluding our Expeditions) is packed full of a wide variety of Adventure Components designed to challenge your camper and further explore the summer’s theme.

For YES Pursuit or YES LEADERSHIP or colorado x-treme, does my child need to pack for two weeks?

One week’s worth of clothing is sufficient for all sessions, as sessions longer than a week will provide laundry services.

Where are campers housed?

While on campus, campers stay in air-conditioned bunkhouses. Each gender-specific room houses 8-11 other campers along with staff. While on Campout or Expedition, campers will stay 3-4 person tents, separated by gender.

What is New Frontiers’ challenge policy?

While New Frontiers staff encourage bold participation, our challenge policy, called The Shakespearean Clause offers a camper:

  • The opportunity to play or not to play; the chance to take an active role or to be a passive supporter of other campers.

  • The freedom to stop when limits have been reached and/or comfort level has been surpassed.

  • The assurance that the effort put forth in the attempt is different for everyone, and their significance is in accepting the challenge.

  • The opportunity to encourage, respect, and learn from each other through choices made on the course.

Does New Frontiers offer discounts or scholarships?

New Frontiers offers a limited number of need-based discounts and scholarships. To apply for a discount or scholarship, please call the office at 615.536.5623.