Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth


Our structured Level System is a powerfully written curriculum that stresses positive choices, as well as personal and community responsibility. The curriculum is designed to challenge a student’s thinking patterns and behavioral habits, encouraging students to think differently than they have in the past and face and embrace life challenges with courage and competence. As students progress through their individual level workbooks and activities, they are encouraged to move beyond previous misconceptions and mistakes toward a healthier and more productive way of life.

Through the Level System, students earn privileges, such as home passes, as they progress up the levels toward maturity, leadership, and becoming responsible members of the community.

Character-building is a strong component of the Level System, and is also done in group settings using a set curriculum and progressive teaching techniques. The character groups stress Christian virtues like forgiveness, hope, patience, love, and more. In time we hope that each student will grasp the idea that God has a great purpose for his life.