Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth



We believe children’s pastors and staff are essential in training up the next generation.

Let us join in your mission by serving as a springboard for your kids to grow in courage and knowledge. We utilize experiential education to enhance critical thinking skills, which will give your children spiritual reasoning ability from which to make significant decisions in their future. Through a New Frontiers program, kids not only get anchored in the word, they find roots that are established experientially and therefore cannot be easily argued away.

New Frontiers offers more than just quality time with your kids in an adventurous, nurturing environment. We bring you an opportunity to inspire your kids to live intentionally for Christ by anticipating divine appointments with God, thinking metaphorically about God and then seeking truth from God.

We’re very flexible and love working with you to create the best program for your needs and ideas. We can do everything from planning and facilitating your entire visit to just providing the facilities for you to lead your own retreat. We can also lead a program at your location.

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