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Our goal is to design an individualized education plan for your teen aimed at keeping him on course with his school’s curriculum requirements. Your son will receive individual tutoring on a daily basis, as well as weekly art and music lessons provided by artists and musicians.

Through the Department of Children’s Services, your son will complete a psychological evaluation that includes academic components such as IQ testing, screening for any learning disabilities, and tools to identify other barriers to effective learning. In addition, aptitude testing will be utilized to identify strengths and areas of particular interest for your teen. Your son’s school will incorporate this information into an individualized education plan geared toward idealizing your teen’s learning environment and support system.

Learning will not only occur in the classroom but also through outdoor, experiential methods. ARISE Homes are situated on 100+ acres of rolling hills at the base of the Cumberland Plateau with forests, a cave, a stream, and abundant wildlife. Direct observation and experience of nature are key elements of the educational environment at ARISE Homes.