Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth

We’ve been working at this problem for a while, but my team just can’t seem to figure it out and our time is running out. Then my friend suggests a new plan and suddenly everything clicks into place. We race the clock and finish just in time. We sit down to debrief the activity and someone offers a metaphor connecting the game with our lives. Just like my friend’s suggestion during the activity, something clicks and I’m experiencing truth in a whole new way.

Initiative tasks are group decision making and problem solving activities. The classic definition of an initiative is: any activity that requires a group to work together and utilize the collective talents of the group members to reach a desired goal or end. Initiative tasks are an especially effective opening activity for a program as they encourage success with effort, which often leads to a supportive environment and therefore participation throughout the course of the program. Initiative tasks also help establish the program’s theme from the very beginning.