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Campers FAQ

What does my day look like?

A typical day at New Frontiers goes approximately in this order… but always be prepared for surprises!

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Rally

  • Adventure Component #1

  • Lunch

  • Adventure Component #2

  • Free Play & Canteen

  • Dinner

  • Evening Component

  • Canteen/Showers

But there aren’t any times listed . . .

That’s right! At New Frontiers, we value time so much that we don’t keep track of it! Our goal for each day is to be open to what God wants to say to us, and that’s harder to do when we’re focused on time. Don’t worry–we’ll make sure you get everywhere you need to be!

May I make a cabin mate request?

One of the exciting things about camp is the chance to make new friends! However, as long as your friend is the same gender and in the same age group, we will do our best to honor one cabin mate request per camper. A cabin mate request must be mutual and must be a specific camper, not a group of campers. If you would like to make a cabin request, email, give our office a call at 615.536.5623, or just tell us when you get here for camp!

Will I need any spending money?

The Canteen will be open every day to purchase NF “swag,” candy and drinks. Sample pricing is listed below.Short-sleeve t-shirt: $10 Hoodie: $20 NF Sticker: $1 Candy (Snickers, Skittles, etc.): $1 Drinks (Coke, Gatorade, etc.): $1

Will I get to do every Adventure Component?

New Frontiers has so much to offer that it would take weeks to experience everything! While you won’t experience every Component we offer in a single session, each session (excluding our Expeditions) is packed full of a wide variety of Adventure Components designed to challenge you and further explore the summer’s theme.

Will I get to pick my Adventure Component?

Each session, Adventure Components are very carefully chosen for you in order to best explore the theme. You will participate in Components with a small group of 15-20 campers. This allows you to get to know the other campers better and grow as a group!