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Equine Therapy

At both the ARISE Homes, horses play an unusual role. The horses are not ridden as one might expect. Instead, the horses are engaged in a partner and participant role in each of the games. Through these ground-based activities the boys are given a window into their own souls. A horse can tell children things no one else can. The boys act in their natural manner and the horse simply loves them anyway. The horse moves to them when they feel the safety of the heart, and away when the child is angry. The horse teaches the child what it is like to be in charge of a stubborn heart, how to show trust, how to play and how to learn. The horses are inquisitive and respond with eagerness to the boys. The boys learn responsibility as they work with our staff and equine specialist volunteers to take care of the horses’ needs.

Individual Therapy

Each student participates in individual therapy with a licensed mental health clinician 1-2 times weekly, as well as in special situations as needed. The goal of individual therapy is to enhance the student’s coping skills for dealing more effectively with life challenges, to address any alcohol/drug concerns or mental or emotional health issues, and to change any maladaptive coping patterns evident in the student’s life.

Group Therapy

Each student participates in groups on a daily basis, including at least 2 group therapy sessions per week led by a licensed mental health clinician. The goal of group therapy is to build interpersonal and social skills for dealing with peers and authority figures, as well as to utilize the group dynamic and process in dealing more effectively with individual problems. Group topics include character and team-building, as well as alcohol/drug education.

Family Therapy

If needed, each student participates in family therapy. Family therapy sessions focus on family dynamics and the student’s successful involvement in a healthy family system. Family barriers that may impede the student’s progress are also addressed and interventions implemented.