Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth

I stand on the summit of Mt. Blanca, exhausted from the Alpine start and the long difficult climb, yet totally engulfed in the beauty and stark reality of my own insignificance. Then a sense of wonder comes creeping into my heart. The God of this universe, the God of Abraham, the God who created it all – cares about me enough to whisper truths to my heart as I explore His wonderland.

Colorado Extreme

Experience glaciers, 14,000-foot peaks and giant sand dunes. Understand your significance while backpacking, rock climbing, ascending peaks and sightseeing in the midst of some of God’s most magnificent creations. Surrounded by the spectacular Colorado Rockies, it’s easy to feel small, which makes it even more special when the God of the universe chooses to speak to you there. This adventure is for those looking to be wild at heart!

Smokey Mountain Adventures

Backpack through wild country and reflect on God’s creation in the great Smokey Mountains! Students stretch their comfort zones while focusing on perseverance, responsibility, faith, and leadership in relationship to their walk with God. This expedition can be custom designed and can begin at the Smokey Mountains or with adventure activities at New Frontiers. Rafting and/or rock climbing can be added onto this journey if desired.