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Do you want more – more direction for your life, more experiences and a deeper relationship with God that takes you beyond yourself? Then this is the right time and BEYOND U is the right place for you.

BEYOND U at New Frontiers is a summer program designed for high school students looking to encounter God in real and beautiful ways.

Located in Middle Tennessee, the New Frontiers campus hosts state-of-the-art challenge courses, experienced facilitators and a variety of experiential programs. In this setting, you will be immersed in challenge, learn to facilitate adventure activities, assist Senior Adventure Staff, and come to a deeper understanding of God’s desire to change the world through you. You will also venture off-campus for wilderness expeditions and immersion intensives that will change you forever!




Experiences that push us beyond ourselves build platforms in our hearts and minds for spiritual encounters that change us forever. God seeks out encounters with us, and we don’t want to miss them!

What Now?

That’s the same question the disciples were discussing as they walked the road to Emmaus. Then they encountered a Jesus they didn’t recognize until He unveiled Himself to them. So… come on… it is time to go BEYOND U and meet Him in a fresh, miraculous, life altering, run back to Jerusalem encounter!

Email to place your name on the list to be interviewed for the BeyondU positions for next summer!