Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth

I lay face down, in the middle of a patch of tall weeds. My heart racing, my body trying to be as small as possible. I can feel the tension and fear rising up in me. I begin to breathe faster and harder and I choose in this moment: frozen fear or courageous fear. My eyes trace my path of action and then my body follows. Pulling myself behind a wooden blockade, I catch my breath. Safe for the moment, I regroup my mind, steady my heart and then slowly peer over the barrier in search of the enemy. I must keep my helmet on, my awareness up, my body down, my gun out and my enemy in sight.

Join us for a battle with real consequences, weapons that work, and an enemy that would like to take you out. Our wooded course offers plenty of cover, including stacked stone bunkers. We provide all the equipment—each participant will receive a gun and headband. You’ll be able to play multiple, refereed games with different scenarios. Once the game is over, the truth will emerge in a way that will stick with you.

Laser Tag – you got to do it!