Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth

We are packed together—standing room only—with about a hundred people in this tiny church in the middle of the city. Only the slightest breeze comes through the rusted holes in the tin that covers the timber frame. It is suffocating, claustrophobic. But then the congregation starts to sing. And my mind doesn’t linger on our physical conditions—only on the almighty God we all serve and the joy and hope that we all share.

Our passion for equipping people to live intentionally goes far beyond our Tennessee campus. Our goal is to help the people we visit on a number of levels. We visit the poor and bring them food. We build homes and churches. But where our heart really lies is in training pastors how to use experiential education to bring God’s word to life, and in teaching their kids how to think metaphorically and see God’s truth every day. In an effort to have a lasting impact in the communities in which we serve, we partner with local ministries in their mission. So far, we’ve worked with organizations in Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, Panama, Haiti, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt.

You can be part of this grand initiative by joining us on the adventure! New Frontiers will custom design a mission trip for you, or you can sign up for one of our open enrollment mission opportunities.