Anticipate Divine Appointments                             Think Metaphorically                             Unveil Truth

I peer down the tunnel as far as the narrow beam of my headlamp will illuminate. The line starts to move again and soon it’s my turn to squeeze through the next opening. I descend to the bottom of the large cavern with the rest of my group. We all turned off our lights and our leader pulls out a small lighter. For the first time, I fully grasp the amazing power of light over darkness!

If you have always wanted to get totally muddy . . . this is absolutely for you! Each participant wears a helmet, headlamp, and grubby clothes to crawl, kneel, climb and duck walk through Snow Hill Cave. No handrails or track lighting here! The cave has several rooms that will fit 20-25 participants. Adventurers sometimes spend the night inside and cook pancakes and sausage for breakfast on camping stoves before exploring.